Organization of the association


Honorary members shall be decided at the General Meeting based on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.
  New members shall be approved by the Board of Directors with a recommendations from two present members.


General Meeting

A General Meeting consisting of the members of the Association shall be the Supreme Council. Agendas shall be decided by more than half of the attendants of the General Meeting.
  Members who are not present at the General Meeting can entrust other members with voting rights by proxy.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of twenty directors and two auditors, all of whom are elected by the members of the Association. In addition, up to ten other directors are recommended by the Board of Directors based on the balance of the directors' study areas and residences. Recommended directors shall be approved at the General Meeting.
  The Representative Director shall be nominated at the election of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors appoints the members of the committees to support the affairs of the Association.



The term of directors and auditors should be two years. However, reelection is possible.The representative director shall represent the association.
The representative director shall organize the board of directors and execute the affairs of the association. The Representative Director should convene an ordinary general meeting at least once a year. The representative director can convene an extraordinary general meeting anytime, if necessary.
 If more than one-fifth of all members request an extraordinary general meeting, indicating the meeting's agenda, the representative director should convene the meeting.



The expenses of the association shall be covered by membership fees, donations and other income. The fiscal year of the association shall start on April 1st and end on March 31st of the next year.
  The Representative Director shall make a financial report after the fiscal year. It shall be approved by the general meeting after the decision of the Board of Directors.
The auditors shall audit the accounts of the association.



Hold a congress biannually. Publish the Journal of Social Security Law and other books.
  Communicate and cooperate with other academic associations in Japan and other countries.
  Hold open lectures and other activities which are necessary to achieve the purposes of the association.