The Japan Association of Social Security Law aims to encourage
research on social security law and contributes to maintain the standards
of wholesome and cultured living.


  • The 62nd Fall General Meeting will be held at Sophia University on Oct.13,2012.
  • The 61st Spring General Meeting was held on May 19, 2012 at Osaka City University
    Ⅰ “ Supported Decision –Making” through the System of the Adult Guardianship in Britain and the U.S.
    Ⅱ Influence of EU Social Security Legislations on the Domestic Legislations by the Member States


In May 1982, the Japan Associatio of Social Security Law was established. The Association aims to promote studies on social security law and contributes to securing the minimum standards of wholesome, and cultured living.


The number of members is around 600, including academics, lawyers, public consultants on social and labor insurance, national and local government employees and employees of social welfare institutions.
journal The Journal of Social Security Law is published annually.