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Any person who would like to be a member of the Association should please download the application form below.
After filling out the required information, send it with recommendations from two members to the Administration Office. The applicant will become an official member upon being accepted by the Board of Directors.
The annual membership fee is ¥7000 . The Secretariat of the Association will not recommend members.

Application form
 Microsoft Word
How to download
Right-click either of the links above and save the document to your computer.

Contact us

Please contact the Secretariat of JASSL with any questions regarding Association membership, the Association itself, or information provided on this website. Please contact the Secretariat by email. The Secretariat will not accept any questions regarding the social security system, laws, administrative organs and legal consultations.

Administration Office of JASSL

c/o Office of Professor Kato

School of Law, Hokkaido University

7 Chome, Kita Kujyo Nishi, Kitaku, Sapporo City
Hokkaido 060-0809, Japan
TEL +81-11-706-3949 FAX +81-11-706-4948